Management Policy / Quality Assurance Policy

Our Management Policy

Enomoto Micro Pump was founded in 1963 to develop, design, manufacture, sell, and service micro pumps. Ever since that time, we have supplied these products to a wide range of analysis, scientific, medical, and other equipment manufactures. Developing our business both within Japan and around the world, we strive on a company-wide basis to manufacture products that will benefit society and earn us the trust of our clientele. We aim at a sound management policy that places the customer first while contributing to the welfare of our own employees and society as a whole. We are particularly oriented toward quality assurance, as expressed in the following policy statement, and we spare no effort in maintaining absolute quality awareness among all our employees.

Quality Assurance Policy

‘Quality comes first at Enomoto Micro Pump in our commitment to provide both products and service that fully satisfy the trust of our clients.’

In order to meet this quality assurance goal, we set annual targets at the start of each year, and then implement them through the understanding and cooperative effort of all Enomoto employees.