Product Photo:MV-6005VP
Electromagnetic Air Pump Series


  • Suction feeders
  • Aeration type septic tanks
  • Airbrushes
  • Solder vacuum


最大吐出流量 Maximum flow rateGreater than or equal to L/min4.0
Greater than or equal to cfm0.14
最大吐出圧力 Maximum discharge pressureGreater than or equal to kPa30.7
Greater than or equal to psi4.46
最大真空到達度 Maximum vacuumNot greater than kPa-30.7
Not greater than in.Hg-9.06
定格電圧 VoltageVAC100
定格電流 CurrentA0.13
絶縁種別 Insulation class A
設置周囲温度 Ambient temperature0-40
接ガス部材質 Gas contact material CR,PP,PF,SR,Ni plating
接続口径 Connection φ 4
質量 Masskg0.80

*This website contains only a representative part of our product line-up. We also have pumps, in addition to the list below, that can meet a customer’s specific requirements regarding flow rate, pressure, variable voltage and gas contact materials. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.



Characteristic Curve

Caracteristic curve: